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What is Favar24?

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Is a company that has brought together under one roof the best specialists in the fields of online marketing and blockchain for the last few years, allowing them to develop “Ads-Chain” technologies – they created as the first in Europe an innovative service, sponsoring marketing campaigns using the safest cryptocurrencies in the world, with full transparency, security,  and most importantly, the fastest possible money transfer in the world!
They support major athletic events, film premieres, and technical advancements of all types. Companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Metaverse, and the Avengers film series would not exist without marketing campaigns that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are one of the marketing companies that can help you reach the broadest audience possible with your advertising.
This is a new ERA for the marketing and advertising industry.

Ads Chain Technology Enabled.

AdChain is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that is designed to improve the programmatic advertising ecosystem. AdChain is the first application built on the blockchain specifically designed to solve the issues of ad fraud and transparency in the programmatic advertising industry. The ad industry is in need of a solution to the growing problem of ad fraud. AdChain is that solution.
Chains protocol is designed to create a more transparent and secure ecosystem for programmatic advertising. The protocol incentivizes all participants in the ecosystem to play by the rules and to act in the best interests of the ecosystem as a whole. The AdChain protocol has the potential to create a more efficient and effective programmatic advertising ecosystem. This will result in a better experience for advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike.


Many options in the platform.

You can choose from many campaigns available in Favar24 platform which includes many famous brands up to giant companies like Coca Cola™ .

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Available Campaigns

Happy Customers worldwide.

Explore reviews for Favar24 from other people that experienced the platform and it’s ad campaigns. We personally were amazed and satisfied with Favar24.

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Happy Customers with Reviews
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01. completely free registration

Register a free account and discover the new possibilities that unlock.

02. easy to use platform

It was very easy to use the platform and start an ad campaign with a very user-friendly dashboard.

03. fast deposit and withdrawal of funds

Deposit of funds was instant and after 2 weeks of running a campaign, we withdrew the profits successfully. Which shows is a legit business.

04. proffessional customer support

You get your personal account manager which answers any questions you may encounter.


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You must get used to the platform but you will have your account manager always when needed.

02. beginning

You don't earn a lot in the beginning, but it's scalable and worth it.

Location and Contact info of Favar24.

This was our Favar24 review, dont hessitate to contact us for more info.


You can visit https://favar24.com 
and let the experience begin.

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